The Electric Comma

Borrowing its title from Shannon Ebner’s installation The Electric Comma, this exhibition focuses on changes in language, perception, and understanding in the age of artificial intelligence. Through varied practices and from different backgrounds, participating artists deal with the negotiations between the conscious mind and the currently pervasive learning machine. The works in the exhibition imagine numerous possible pathways of exchange between human and nonhuman, ranging from the poetic and intuitive to the algorithmic and analytical. This exhibition is co-curated by Pete Belkin and Katerina Chuchalina

Artists: Erick Beltrán, Alighiero Boetti, Mircea Cantor, Nicolás Consuegra, Anthony Discenza, Shannon Ebner, Valentin Fetisov, Fabien Giraud & Raphaël Siboni, Piero Golia, Wade Guyton, Jacqueline Humphries, Daniel Keller, Daria Martin, Pedro Neves Marques, Jonathan Monk, Trevor Paglen, Bridget Riley, Andrey Shental, Dayanita Singh, Cheyney Thompson, Urban Fauna Lab

Produced by V-A-C Foundation in dialogue with KADIST. Palazzo delle Zaterre Venice, Italy. 25 NOV 2017–28 APR 2018. Download the Press Release here

Photos by Andrea Avezzu

M.I.R.: Polite Guests from the Future is the first solo exhibition in the U.S. by Moscow-based artist, Arseniy Zhilyaev. Implementing the museum as a medium, Zhilyaev models his approach after the “negative display” exhibitions of A. Fedorov-Davydov, a Soviet art historian who disregarded the authenticity and centrality of the museological object in favor of depicting social processes. The second chapter of an ongoing investigation initiated at Kadist, Paris, this iteration of the imaginary Museum of Russian History (M.I.R.) focuses on outer space conquests under the flag of the “Russian Cosmic Federation.” For the exhibition, Zhilyaev critiques the political climate of Russia with a revisionist and speculative eye, tracing the nation’s intergalactic achievements—from their origins in the “polite politics” of the early 21st century, to the future space militia, charged to defend the Tarantula Nebula RC? 0021.

09 JUL 2014–23 AUG 201 at KADIST San Francisco

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