This series of interviews with artists was directed by Pete Belkin and produced by KADIST. The videos take form somewhere between a curatorial endeavor, a mini documentary series and an art project. The interviews shape-shift from studio visits to informal meetings and tours of cities which artists call home. From Mexico City to Moscow to Paris to San Francisco, these documents provide a glimpse into the lives and work of artists today. You can see more from this series here.

This interview with Pia Camil was shot in Mexico City in 2013.

Directed by Pete Belkin, this interview was shot on-location at Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive during McGee’s exhibition in 2012.

In this virtual tour, artist-in-residence Arseniy Zhilyaev presents the exhibition "M.I.R.: New Paths to the Objects" at Kadist Art Foundation in Paris.

In this interview shot in Pacifica, California in 2016, Set in a sleepy, nameless coastal town, Eliassen's film A Blank Slate unfolds as the main character finds herself in a lucid state inside a hotel room. Attempting to grasp her surroundings, she falls deeper into a metaphysical reality where her memories becloud her perception and the fragmented passing of time pulls her to witness herself from a salient distance.

In conversation with Eliassen is Laetita Sonami, a key collaborator on the sound concept and design for A Blank Slate. Sonami lives in Oakland and works in sound, installation and performance. With skilful command of her environment and an insatiable sense of play, she guides the audience to hear with her the hidden world beyond our reach. Through invented tools and manipulations of old and new media, Sonami’s visceral live acts unearth found audio landscapes previously unnoticed by our conditioned ear. Based in Oslo, Norwegian artist and conceptual filmmaker Sara Eliassen often returns to questions of self in relation to the audience’s gaze as typically positioned in society. She uproots expectations of narrative structures in cinema, with use of iconic cinematic moments as departure points for her investigations of the viewer-character dynamics and of collective memory in film.

This interview was conducted during Taus Makhacheva’s project at the Moscow Biennale in 2015

Kadist hosts Alexey Buldakov of Urban Fauna Lab after spending several months with us in San Francisco to develop a new artwork, Misting Miner. This active sculpture materializes the invisible phenomenon of mining cryptocurrency. The excess heat produced by the machinery as it performs this process is a latent and untapped source of energy. As such, the artist seeks to harness that energy and reveal its transformative potential by turning it into fog through the water cooling system inside it, which he reroutes to follow a cycle of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Unlike banks and other like financial institutions, digital currencies such as Ethereum–the type used by the Miner–rely on encryption techniques to generate ‘coins,’ which are then bought and sold. For Buldakov, these new systems of generating value exist much like a virus, replicating their genetic codes by hashing long mathematical equations which populate servers producing more and more excess heat around the world. As bitcoin ATMs slowly roll out across San Francisco, the Misting Miner reveals hidden dimensions of online economies and cyber-punk utopias through the alchemical process of mining digital gold. You can find out more about Urban Fauna Lab here: This interview was conducted by Pete Belkin, shot and edited by Stijn Schiffeleers This interview was shot at Cattown Cafe in Oakland, the oldest Cat Cafe in the United States (est 2014) for more info you can visit

This interview with Yin-Ju Chen was shot on-location at Mount Shasta.